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I believe the precedents are already in place. Many US universities will not countenance applications for biological or medical related degrees if the applicant hails from certain 'faith schools'. And really, how can they? Should any government train a person to be a doctor, nurse, lab assistant, pharmacologist etc. if that person really believes that their god will make everything better if only you pray enough?

We don't really need any hypothetical examples to make the case, we can use real ones. If you break a leg, you don't go to your local chinese herbalist for some herbs. If you burn your hand cooking, you don't pray to make the blisters go down. If you're a parent and your child is diabetic, you don't wait for god's mercy to spare your child. Or if you do any of these things, you can rightly be accused of being wilfully ignorant, in the case of the parents denying medical attention to a child with a completely commonplace disease, it should be criminal negligence.

As for teaching in a university, the least you can expect from a lecturer is that s/he actually knows, understands and rationally follows the proven 'theory' (even though it should really be called a Law of Fact by now) of evolution.

I understand that the university just wanted to get the case off its hands and settled, but it may set a dangerous precedent for the future, I hope we are all prepared to ship in with some cash and a lot of e-mails when it happens again and some college needs funds to take this to a jury to enshrine it in federal law like the Dover case.

/rant ends....

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