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Comment 13, lackofgravitas,

'Many US universities will not countenance applications for biological or medical related degrees if the applicant hails from certain 'faith schools'. And really, how can they?'

Why not, as long as they have the relevant qualifications (perhaps gained somewhere else)? Usually, their parents sent them to that school.

'Should any government train a person to be a doctor, nurse, lab assistant, pharmacologist etc. if that person really believes that their god will make everything better if only you pray enough?'

Why not, as long as they don't think like Mother Theresa, that they shouldn't treat you as it's God's will whether you die? There's a sign in her hospice; 'You are going to meet God'. That would really cheer you up. The Fawlty Towers of hospices, its funds squirrelled away to convents.

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