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Comment 28 by Peter Grant :

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I'm not sure if this is meant as irony.

No, it's not.

Religious beliefs are sensible beliefs and not stupid beliefs?

No, religious beliefs do tend to be stupid as well. We discriminate against them because they are stupid though, not simply because they are religious.

You keep making a distinction between religious belief and stupidity although you suggest that religious belief is indeed stupid (tends to be stupid is what you write although I am not sure what this means).

I wonder if you are falling into the trap of giving religion respect because it's religion as opposed to it plainly being stupidity.

If people want to believe in Xenu, that's their prerogative but then that is religion that is the stupidity and the person along with it, is it not? Why is it not possible to discern and differentiate because someone is religious when being religious is a good sign of being stupid?

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