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Hi Michael.

Congratulations for the independence and strength of mind that you have shown thus far. I agree with those who are advocating not sticking your neck out too far whilst you are still at High school. I would say concentrate now on getting into a good University / College and then go ahead and join the freethinkers or sceptical student alliance groups etc.

In the meantime,

Re Comment 82 by (the obviously dismayed Christian) BenjaminJoseph.

It would certainly be advisable to read Paula Kirby's excellent reviews of some of Richard's 'fleas' before wasting any time and money on books such as "The Dawkins Delusion?" by Alistair and Joanna McGrath.

link to Paula's article
You can get a flavour of the creepy and ineffective style of argument used by Alistair McGrath if you look him up in the videos on this site or on you tube.

As for books, I think the suggestions so far have been very good. I would add one more (of the sort that is easy to dip into) - "50 voices of Disbelief - why we are atheists", edited by Russell Blackford.

Good luck for the future!

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