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Religion does NOT give hope to the hopeless, on the contrary, I think it makes them more hopeless. A hopeless inner struggle of questioning every thought and every action and wondering, "Is this what god would want me to do?" "Am I going to hell?" "Are my family members going to hell?" Forcing this hopelessness on others, especially children, is a great evil. Unfortunately, our children are empty vessels waiting to be filled with others' racist beliefs, religious beliefs, etc. We can't keep them under our protection at all times to filter out the garbage and keep them pure in the quest for truth (pure in the sense that they can wait until an age when they can come to conclusions for themselves). Therein lies the evil of society: influence. The drug dealer, the priest, the racist all have almost equal time with our kids. Parents who hold these poisonous beliefs have carte blanche with their kids, and thus the vicious cycle will continue, which is a shame. Rationality, atheism, and science will always have a struggle. Let's hope that it will not always be an uphill struggle!

Mon, 06 Aug 2007 13:14:00 UTC | #58467