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not knowing which category of paper the daily mail is in,i went through some online articels.
it`s mainly about david hasselhoff being too fat,intelligent women not beeing able to find mr right and britney spears wearing a see-through dress in public.need one say more ?

The Daily Mail is one of the dreadful tabloid tosh papers we have in the UK, spouting low brow right wing yellow journalism. If there was a theme to the DM it would be "the Muslims are coming" or "foreigners are coming to our country and taking our jobs/causing crime/spreading disease". I really would discount anything it says as nonsense without having to read it.
Love the quote:
The most conspicuous example of this is provided by Dawkins himself, who breaks the rules of scientific evidence by seeking to claim that Darwin's theory of evolution - which sought to explain how complex organisms evolved through random natural selection - also accounts for the origin of life itself.

confusing natural selection with primogenesis is a classic sign of ignorance (and to ascribe these views to the good professor is surely libelous....)

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