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Comment 84 by Schrodinger's Cat

Sure, there's a configuration element to it, and no doubt a functional one too.......but it's quite clear that mere configuration and function are NOT going to explain the 'extra' factor.

How so? (Look at Comment 85 by Quine before you answer)

I'll turn your own argument against you:

THAT is the science I know. One that is constantly having to re-evaluate the world on the basis of new evidence.

Where's the 'new evidence' that is cause for re-evaluation?

Not even the most ardent dualist argues that consciousness has some 'feel' based mystery woo factor. They don't argue that consciousness 'feels'....they argue that consciousness IS

Is the 'new' evidence 'IS'? If so, that's not much evidence, or maybe it's too much (like the argument "'god' just IS")...

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