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This isn't much of a stretch. Remember, churches get all kinds of tax breaks. Walmart gets these kinds of tax incentives. Theme parks get these tax breaks.

This issue came up in my home town.

At it's core, it is a question of free speech v. freedom of religion.

I heard a rumor that there was a church organization that met every Sunday in my local High School. Naturally I investigated. What I came to was this. If the community opens the government buildings for public use, it cannot then dictate how it will be used within certain parameters.

If the school makes the auditorium available for local acting troupes to put on King Lear, everything is well and good. If someone invites as astrophysicist to give a lecture on distant nebula, great. They cannot prevent someone from then inviting Ken Ham to explain how Noah fit all of those dinosaur eggs on the Ark and what they ate when they hatched.

BTW, no church group meets in the local school in my home town. Just a rumor.

The state provides tax incentives for businesses and theme parks if they will provide jobs. The bible book store gets the same treatment as the biology book store.

Personally, I would like to see tax incentives limited. At least the project should be a boon to society in more ways than to provide jobs. How would they feel if I opened the woulds largest and most diverse strip club? Sure it would provide jobs, but I don't think it would do more to enlighten society than a school of biology.

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