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← Ken Ham vs. Rev. Barry Lynn Over Tax Funded Bible Theme Park

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If they want to build it let them do it with their own money. Besides if Ken Ham thinks it is such a good idea then why need government money in the first place? Unfortunately I think he will probably be on a minor winner with people of ignorance flocking to see the so called 'facts' of the bible displayed for all to see and believe. They will of course take it as fact or evidence to justify their beliefs simply because someone built it. In fact I bet there will be some who go there; will believe that the ark displayed is the actual ark that Ken and his friends dug up.

The theme park is for profit - which let's face it. It is what the various religions have been doing for centuries. Religion is about taking money out of hands of people in return for an unprovable eternal life.

I will almost feel sorry for those who will gladly part with their hard earned dollars to visit this monument to their delusions. But then again there is a "sucker born every minute". It will take fleecing the flock to a new level.

Sun, 30 Jan 2011 06:47:34 UTC | #585872