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Sadly, I don't think your post will last very long - I doubt is eager to get sued for aiding copyright infringement.

You can find all kinds of Teaching Company courses on "pirate" torrent trackers - a lot more convenient than forums.

BTW, I think that all of human knowledge should be open-source, i.e. free. The benefits will far outweigh any drawbacks. Just think how many more people in dirt-poor Islamic hellholes would turn to atheism and science if "The God Delusion" or "The Selfish Gene" were in the Public Domain and easier to download than through dubious torrent websites. Currently, there is just NO WAY you can assess the best materials for learning legally and become a well-learned man, without already being reasonably rich . And to become a rich man you need to learn a lot, preferably from good teachers and materials - it's pretty much a catch-22.

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