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I did actually this course, but couldn't understand most of it. I will at some point try watching it again.

Having said that, I have watched other courses, in particular the course on Cosmology by Mark Whittle (see and it was a complete revelation.

Some professors we can engage with and understand rather well, others not so well. And I'm afraid Benjamin Schumacher didn't transfer his understanding to me in the same way as others.

Yeah, it depends which teaching style you're most comfortable with. I also gave up reading Feynman's lectures after 12 pages or so because I couldn't visualize a thought experiment.

Maybe you should just try a new way of looking at the problem from scratch. I found the Many-Worlds interpretation to be the only one I can more or less grasp and which intuitively makes sense. Maybe you should try a book that explains QM in those terms at first; I recommend David Deutsch's The Fabric of Reality - which is not only about physics but about the entire scientific foundations of reality (including evolution).

As a layman, I find the standard way of presenting and explaining QM (Bohr's Copenhagen interpretation of "shut up and calculate" fame) to be a bit frustrating and intellectually unsatisfying.

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