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Genetic mutations are random. Survival of a species is not. You equate the two when you should not. You're saying that because an organism with a mutated gene died - that it died randomly?? The mutation may have lead to the organisms death but surely not in a random way. I would advise you to do a little more reading on the subject before you go off as if you know something. Saying that "evolution is impossible" is probably one of the stupidest things I've seen someone write on here in awhile. It is a scientifically proven fact backed up by mountains of evidence from just about every branch of science that exists! It is testable and has NEVER been proven to be wrong.

If an organism dies because of a random mutation then yes you can say that the organism died in a random way. What does it matter anyway? What I was trying to point out is that evolution is dependant on random or chance mutations so therefore organisms evolve by chance. It cannot be avoided, if part of a process occurs by chance or random events then the whole process is random or by chance.

And you are perfectly right evolution has never been proven wrong by those who believe in it and it never will be! All evidence collected by a 'believer' will be interpreted to fit the theory, be discarded as spurious, or ignored. All evidence presented by a 'non-believer will be passed of as a fraud or as pseudo science!

As for the 'mountain' of evidence for evolution that everyone claims is around I think that it must be hiding in the mountain-ranges of evidence that does not support it!

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