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If only they would ditch the supernatural and stick with what really matters - morality, compassion, social conscience - they might realise they have more in common with RD and most of the the denizens of RDNet than they do with the vile misogyny, homophobia and dictatorial oppression of Palpatine and his RC-ers, the frothing-at-the-mouth fundagelicals (e.g. US and Ugandan varieties) and the bloody-handed wahhabists.

A lot of CoE folk are decent, civilised human beings who have no problem with science (apart from jumping though the hoop of cognitive dissonance as they studiously close their eyes to avoid noticing the contradiction). The uncivilised among them are already heading for the RC on one side and fundagelicalism on the other precisely because the CoE isn't nasty and intolerant enough for them.

They should get no tax-breaks, obviously, and no special treatment or special role in public life - goes without saying!

As others have pointed out (Comment 39 by AtheistEgbert, Comment 42 by Firef00t and Comment 83 by Peter Grant) they really should - and who knows, ultimately could (though I'm definitely not holding my breath) - come over to the Dark Side. We have cookies.

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