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← Free schools 'divisive' says Manchester anti-extremism tsar

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We all need educating about how to think

I agree, if you're advocating the teaching of critical thinking. However, I have a problem with this bit:-

Religion, as collective identity, needs throwing out as a de facto inclusion but treated as 'ways' some humans think about the world - which essentially ought to be taught as the subject matter of present day equivalents to historical myth prior to scientific enlightenment

Don't get me wrong - I agree with this as an assessment of religion in general, but this strikes me more as an example of educating about what to think, not how to think. I'm no more happy with a teacher endorsing atheism than I am with a teacher endorsing, say Christianity.

I agree with the sentiment behind the first post. Teachers shouldn't abuse their positions by trying to steer their students' thinking on questions of politics, religion etc. Depending upon the subject specialism, this could become none-too-subtle indoctrination very easily, and all too often does already. I see the free-school proposals as making an already far-from-ideal situation worse.

I'm glad at least one prominent UK Muslim agrees with me, as does this enlightened rabbi:-

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