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About a year ago one of the UK broadsheets (I can't remember which) carried out a national survey of various issues related to sexuality. The number of (heterosexual) sexual partners claimed by men, on average, exceeded the number claimed by women. The writer of the article pointed out that this was actually a statistical impossibility - the numbers must be equal. Though initially I found this somewhat counterintuitive, after giving it consideration I realised that it was, in fact, true.

When sat beside the results of the Million Dollar Challenge, the fact that men and women are on average equally promiscuous, it becomes apparent how much power women are able to exert in this matter.

We all accept the necessity to cast off vestigial behaviours that are not conducive to the wonderful experiment we call humanity - I would like to see my efforts to "keep it at eye level" matched by a recognition by women of the sexual advantage that they, for whatever reason, have accrued. Whatever the solution to the many problems of difference - sexism, racism, homophobia etc. - that are among our biggest challenges as a species, it must be a bipartite one, based on a willingness to hold an open dialogue and engage with the facts.

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