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I live in America in the liberal northeast and we are taught that all differences between men and women are created by society and that apart from the obvious physical differences that there are no true differences. Is this not the case?

It would be extremely surprising to an evolutionist if it were the case. Why on earth should it be the case given that, through millions of years of evolution, female and male roles have been so different? Gazelles are more timorous than leopards, for obvious reasons of evolutionary history and the different roles that each play in the life of the other. Same with males and females. Females have more to lose by mating with the wrong individual, the wrong species, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, etc. The cost, for a male, of a poor choice of mate can be very low, if not literally zero. The cost, for a female, of a poor choice of mate, can be extremely high. It can involve her in pregnancy, in a long period of child-rearing, in loss of valuable time and resources that could be spent on a better child. It would be very surprising indeed if such differences between the sexes were not reflected in psychological differences.


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