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Comment 15 by Jay G :

I also live in the liberal Northeast. I think the idea is that the differences between the way men and women are treated are largely artifical creations of male dominated societies.

The point is that they are both this - 'patriarchy' - and biology. Women/females do not simply and neatly and conveniently-for-men divide into madonnas and whores.

The division is useful for men who want paternity certainty and to respect the paternity of their allied males but also want casual sex so some women are put aside for that.

Of course women get angry but there are no simple answers either because men themselves have the two opposite attitudes to women - wanting easy women and not wanting easy women.

Some men would like some women to be just like men and be easy. They also want some women to not be like men and to be a trustworthy mother for offspring they will invest in.

To get through the fact that all females are a mixture - though females still more discriminatory than males when possible - and that this is natural may be the most difficult. It was the needs of offspring not the sexual nature of men and women that 'forced' (especially female) monogamy on us.

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