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Comment 17 by Schrodinger's Cat :

The most curious aspect of male biology is that what a man desires is actually a creation of his own brain. Thus the statement " I find you to be very attractive " is in reality the ultimate in narcissistic self delusion.

What the guy should really say is...." One part of my brain desperately wants to have sex with another...I wonder if you'd like to mediate that process "

Actually no.

The brain is mediating the process of transfering male gametes to female gametes.

Except perhaps for the delusion that he is going through all that purely for himself and in his 'own' self-interest rather than for the benefit of his genes replicating themselves at quite a pace in his testes (and 'telling' his brain what to say and do).

And that is one aspect of sex that is never actually spelt out enough - sex is not a sharing or a mixing of fluids etc etc it is the transfering of sex cells in a male to sex cells in a female. That is the male's job largely done - the goal of his existence, if you like. For the female her major work might just be beginning and will last for a long time. Maybe the male will share, maybe not.

But sex/copulation is not - and never can be in mammals at least - an equal experience. Exploitation is a very real and very dangerous potential that has been dealt with in females for millions of years and is very unlikely to simply be removed by a contrceptive pill.

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