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The behavioural differences between the sexes throughout the animal world are so pronounced, so well-documented, that there seems no reason to suspect that our species should, almost uniquely, exhibit purely physical differences. Perhaps there are mammal species which fit such a description (?) but I'm sure none of our closer cousins do.

Understanding and accepting the science behind differences in behaviour does not automatically lead to discrimination and oppression. Indeed understanding some of the more primitive urges and desires which we all experience is the first step to controlling them, using our free will in order to moderate our behaviour in accordance with the requirements of modern civilisation. Smashing.

Some feminists do appear to have adopted a kind of equality-mania whereby they are not satisfied unless absolutely every distinction between the genders is eliminated. However, it ignores the fact that not every difference represents an act of discrimination. I'm quite aware of gender differences given that my own workplace is 95% male. That imbalance itself may put off a certain number of women from applying, but the fact is, for whatever reason, women are simply not as interested in the profession... Just as men (straight ones, anyway) appear not to be so interested in becoming hairdressers or nurses. Well so what? As long as nobody is actively discriminated against does it matter?

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