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Hasn't the role of sex changed over the centuries? Aren't the 'scarce resources' that human's now compete for mostly cultural and political rather than physical? Maybe it isn't humans that are doing the competing any more, rather their ideas!

I agree that if we are to improve society then there should be no taboos for discussion, but discussion is sometimes taken as a form of preaching!

Sensitivity should always be paramount but not at the expense of ignorance!

With the 'Selfish Gene' fresh in my mind, I can understand why people don't like biological based philosophy! The explanatory gap between our biological nature and our human behaviour / experience can be filled with all sorts of myths, supertitions, religions and science. The question of which one fills the gap best is very subjective, very personal and (of course) life changing! To most people, science is a cold hard explanatory 'gap filler' and lacks the beauty, elegance, and mystery of other fillers!

The best defence is a good offence, and taking offence when none was intended is the best way to create a battle and give meaning to your ideas.

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