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Comment 19 by crookedshoes :

I live in the liberal NE as well. I have to tell you that as a 43 year old average man (height and weight and looks) that I could find someone to have sex with easily and quickly and I wouldn't have to leave my computer to set it up. My point is that the internet kind of changes the dynamic of this whole thought experiment.

Not only that, there is a skew in reporting. Take for example masturbation, which gender is more likely to report frequency accurately?

Does it cost you anything?

Are there as many women doing that at there are men?

As for masturbation, I expect men exaggerate and women under-report but there will still be a higher frequency in men.

Another thing, while men can easily masturbate from pictures of women alone, I doubt if there are many women who would be able to do that just from the picture of a naked male. Or have that great an interest in even seeking out such pictures.

And those women who fake sexual interest on the phone to make money, I can't see women falling for that either. And if they did, I imagine the men not being as indifferent to the experience as the women are.

The willing fertile female is a sort-after resource. For women the visual is only a first step - his full potential as a gene transferer needs much more info than that. Usually.

And the women who do meet up for sex with strangers just for the fun of it, would we expect these women to have more or less reproductive success ie be the more successful ancestors? How does successful motherhood fit into it?

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