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The digested, simplified version:

"Ah, those great scientists of the middle ages! And none of them a declared atheist! So it's obvious really! Nothing to do with the fact that to have openly said so at the time would probably have meant torture and execution. Science is, therefore, a jolly religious pursuit! Because I'm a Christian I'm going to talk only in ridiculously narrow Catholic/Protestant terms, thus ignoring the great Greek, Roman, Indian and Chinese scientific histories from which we can obviously learn nothing. Oh but those philosphers and theologians, yes, now we're talking! Aristotle! Plato! Buridan!... err... Aquinas!... err... Bacon!... err... Obfuscation! And seeing as this is The Guardian, some gratuitous Italiano! Si! Diologo! Discorsi! Double Espresso! Need I say more? You don't see Professor Dawkins talk like this. It must be because - I've got it! - he's a protestant. Obvious really."

Sorry, but I really thought it was trying too hard. Needlessly overblown and pretentious. Sometimes when people know their argument is weak they will try to hide behind a self-aggrandising pseudy prose and that's what it felt like to me.

Tue, 08 Feb 2011 18:56:36 UTC | #589485