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Stop that science at once! It's not the right kind of science. Science has to be understood in the correct way, otherwise it leads humankind into true darkness, and that will never do.

You foolishly think that science is about reality, but it never was. It's a sacrament, a ritual, a formal dance that celebrates the organic nature of god. We reject any artificial god, with the E-numbers of Luther. Our god is organic, not genetically modified by Dawkins.

Science isn't about light, it looks into the dark, a darkness filled with Platonic balls and imaginary pendulums. The world is quantum-weird, stranger than we can imagine. You know God? Well he's weird too, and a bit dark as well, I think. So isn't it a hoot that science is weird? Gotta be more than just chance, I say.

Dawkins is wrong about prayer. It doesn't work, you see. It's only about contemplation; it's personal. All that saint-making is just a big joke. Who said that God doesn't enjoy a laugh? In the dark we see science reveal the true Platonic joke.

This may seem confusing to some, but the message is clear: Dawkins is a good bloke, we didn't mean to bugger the choirboys, so keep filling the collection plates, and stay away from queers.

Tue, 08 Feb 2011 19:35:58 UTC | #589526