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I have to say I find it quite amusing that he pretends to know what people living centuries ago was thinking in exact detail... but, nevermind. That is all quite trivial in the end. What Thomas Jackson tries to say is the following:

He thinks that religion teaches that God constructed the world like a watch, science has shown it is able to construct itself, therefore there is no God.

I am a bit confused here. Does Thomas Jackson admit that we do not need a god in order to explain the universe??? If that is so, then there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to add a god into the equation in first place! But, ah! He goes on about quantum physics.

Poor old Richard thinks that prayer means asking God to suspend the laws of the universe to stop it raining on the day of the church fete. I love Dawkins.

Ok, since he seems to know what people living centuries ago was thinking I guess reading the mind of a person alive is piece of cake for Thomas Jackson! But, I would be far more impressed if he actually could explain how prayers work within the realms of the physical universe. Come on Jackson! Give it a shot! You see, you can't have it both ways. Either god is supernatural or not! He can't be kind of a part of the universe but still able to do whatever he wants whenever he wants without breaking the laws of nature... because he IS a part of nature. Please Jackson! Just because you can form a sentence with the necessary grammatical parts in order to make it a full sentence does not mean it is sensible or even remotely coherent...

To sum up what Thomas Jackson is saying! God is the universe although he also created it, hence he created himself while being the universe which is not entirely himself but the universe is entirely made up of god. Whatever observations you make, whatever experiments you make you will find god. Because god is everything and everything is god. Hahaha, those stupid atheist! How naive they are demanding a coherent and even remotely sensible definition of god! Haha! They actually demand evidence instead of old myths! Who the heck do they think they are! They are great! (although I labelled them idiots earlier. I guess they are great idiots then).

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