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Are these people writing to express their true feelings and concerns? Perhaps, but it is more likely that it's their job to write stuff. And the more attention it gets, the better their "job performance."

These leeches are sucking off the fame and success of Professor Dawkins. Whether the Professor is right or wrong (and I doubt he's wrong about most things), at least he is trying to contribute something to humanity. These bottom-dwellers should at least be putting their energy into encouraging this magnanimous behavior, but hey, I guess that's no fun for these cretins.

Most of the people who post here could easily do the same kind of thing - turn off the moral compass and write empty-worded articles attacking someone famous who speaks out against something popular (i.e. religion), but most of us are better than that.

Tue, 08 Feb 2011 19:40:39 UTC | #589532