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So basically Christianity caused the Holocaust.

That's (probably) over-stating it, but it was a significant factor certainly. My guess is that this goes some way towards explaining the frequent attempts by Christians to lay the blame at the door of atheists ("Hitler was an atheist" etc.)

I've read a little Ehrman and would recommend him to others here if you're interested in this sort of thing.

This article is old news to me as a theology graduate and, unlike Ehrman, it was learning about things like this that caused me to lose my faith. What I couldn't understand when I was a student (and still don't get) is how on earth most of my lecturers and fellow undergraduates managed to remain within the fold. Many of them privately admitted that they didn't believe in the contradictory birth narratives for example, but would publically profess belief. No one ever says at midnight mass "of course, this is just a myth - we've combined two contradictory accounts by different authors who weren't present when the supposed events they describe are said to have occurred." No one seemed in the least bit alarmed by the fact that the final chapters of Mark and John (containing the ressurection accounts) were clearly added later by different authors. The fact that the Gospels of 'Matthew' and 'Mark' don't actually claim anywhere in their texts that these were the names of their authors (and we only have a later emergent tradition's word for it) causes little or no pause for thought, when it really ought to.

Ehrman was one of the contributors to the following documentary on the 'Lost Gospels' (which of course, paint entirely different pictures of Jesus all over again). Don't be put off by the fact that the presenter is an Anglican clergyman. His conclusion is a treat, and reveals him to be more of a 'Sea of faith' type.

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