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Comment 228 by xmaseveeve :

I don't know why you keep accusing this poster of being politically correct, or why you want him to visit a bar to find people who make sense (!) but the woman in the debate you cite (excellent debate) demolished Pinker's arguments. (To be fair, I think he generally agrees with her.)

Actually, the debate was about as clear-cut as a debate which places some theologian against Sam Harris. Spelke thinks there aren't significant psychological differences between the sexes, but the large literature outlined by Pinker demonstrates that she is simply wrong. Game over.

'a whole literature bearing out my assertion'

I didn't see any assertions, just misogyny and a vague claim that men can't help being 'wired' (your word) to see women as orifices to shove your penis into.

That has nothing to do with anything being said.

*'Or the fact that any man who doesn't behave in the "proper" way dictated by women is doomed to be celibate and frustrated.'

What, like the Yorkshire Ripper? Trying to behave properly as a strategy for securing a shag is usually pretty obvious to a woman. Most women or men prefer to be seen as human beings before they sleep with you.

Of course we're all human beings, that's not the point. The point is that women have a significant amount of power caused by the sexual asymmetry demonstrated by the Million Dollar Sex Challenge.

Sex in our society must be consensual and in private. To a woman, that will mean making herself vulnerable to a man. She is not going to consent to being in that position with a stranger, unless she is already vulnerable, for example, by being drunk.

What is the point in stating the obvious like this? Nobody thinks sex shouldn't be consensual. I was being controversial, but I'm not a lunatic.

I hope they all bail out when you've bought them not quite enough drinks for that to be the case. And pour the last one over your heid.

Hey, I'll have you know I'm quite the charmer, when I try.

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