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.For those who speak in favor of pope John Paul II. -

It is one of the disgusting impudences of the Catholic church to spread the lie, that it was John Paul II. who was the cause of the collapse of the communistic states. This is not true at all. - And this idea is as revolting as the other great myth the Vatican has been spreading since the second Vaticanum: I have heard priest say (an believe) that the catholic church is the mother of human rights....

But to return to Pope John Paul II., this man was quite naive but had a notion for power. A person that is obsessed with Mary´s virginity and believes that Mother Theresa was almost a Saint must be quite naive or cunning! It is commonly known in the Vatican that the CIA had many talks before the Conclave during which the polish Pope was to be elected... The Vatican is a very good platform to start hidden secret service action...

And don´t you forget - the fall of the Sovjet Empire would not have been possible without Michail Gorbatschow and first and formost without the courage of the polish people and people in other ex-communist countries

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