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When I took GCSE Biology less than 6 years ago, nothing remotely like this appeared either in the papers we sat nor in any past papers we used for practice & revision. Has a horrid change occurred since then (and under whose government), or is this board specific? I wish I could remember which board we were with, and I wish we knew which board published this rubbish. I cannot believe scientists would have written this. But why is anyone else writing science exam papers? Why does only science suffer like this? Where are the Holocaust-or-not questions in history exams? (Then again, maybe they do exist; I hadn't been aware of these creationism examples before.)

However, I must admit the exams we faced still didn't reach a gold standard when it came to evolution; they almost entirely ignored the topic. Some of the highest scores in GCSE Biology in my school - indeed, this was also true at A-level - went to open Islamic creationist students. Natural selection, described in a way which only explicitly credits microevolution to it, treated as one topic among many was the limit of exams at both levels on the topic of where adaptation comes from.

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