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Whoever is responsible for this should be not only fired but face court procedings. If you examine the questions in the article there is absolutely no doubt that this is deliberate creationist propaganda aimed directly at the most impressionable. 3 of the 4 questions and prior pieces of information were creationist 'theories'. Notice also how Darwinism was last in the list, as if it was an anececdotal option, of least importance .

My oldest child is 9 next month which means we have no more than 5 years to clean up this travesty in the exam boards, so that he is not filled with this indoctrinal crap.

I took GCSE Double award science in 1993 and I recall nothing of the subject of evolution in the exam material or in class, which bothers me greatly now looking back but neither was there any creationism. there where just pictures of anatomy and labelling them etc...I also remember my strange biology teacher throwing a set of sheep's lungs on the desk for us to play with once...

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