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if you permit me these two comments : i agree with comment 37

that freedom is a balance between selfrespected laws and anarchy, but i think most laws are formulated centuries ago by jurists and politicians, we can't deny that most laws in the western world were not invented by reason but by the lobbying of the great players in an economic landscape where practical freedom (read : doing what you will) is the privilege of a few gangsters who dominate the casino-rules. The history prove that most (if not every) king,emperor, pope or whatever they call themselves were not more than persons who get a kick from the powerfull function they have. They have drink the sweat,tears and blood of the people they suppressed, it is a system still existed in a more or less vissible way. So talking of freedom is a little bit halfhearted because it exist rare and most at the expence of others. Democracy (one man, one voice) don't exist, there are persons who has the voice of millions, after elections the rulers go on like there were never have been elections before and people soon forget the real history. In such a reality and with the indoctrination of the child the believer is happier in his dreams than in reality. So as long these circumstance for living exist there shall be religion for the wageslave.

i agree with comment 55. Theologians are intellectual cowards, they know what must be the answer and they adjust their argumentation for the goal. A greater self-deceiver doesn't exist and in fact they were payed for telling lies. The very few who get loose from the chains (mynarek,l├╝demann,herrmann for example) are talking a different language than there colleagues. Their stories are only the top of an iceberg.

nevertheless the article of paula is a very good one and is very close to reality. Religion is a virus who poison all behavior.

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