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@75 you're absolutely right, they have started a new sort of lies like the one that the middleages are a very kind period with a loveable sort of highly educated and science loving priests. Apologists like james hannam are highly praised for their argument that the church started science. They just trying to twist reality and forged history like they have always done. They know this point in history is a make or break moment and they have loaded every gun they have. Don't forget that Rome has a mob of 15% of the human worldpopulation and they know it, they can't win with their dogma's so they started a trenches-war, it's a conflict of interest and has in fact nothing to do with religion "an sich" but with the money and power they possess. If you cut the bottom out of their theology (genesis) their imaginary evidence for their religion is gone and now its abour brutal power .

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