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A major mess religion causes is in its collective 'moralities'.

Imagine yourself to be indoctrinated from young but then doubting your local faith-heads explanations about why life is as it is amidst the developing self - on into adulthood. One could readily understand a person considering whether 'other ideologies' have the "real answer" as compared to their own seemingly unnatural one. Such positions of confusion can be very messy in the life of any individual.

I posit that the religious collective of 'moralities' (provided due respect by multiculturalism) is a REAL and PRESENT ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM poison in the natural stages of development of the human. It is a tyranny to the development of healthy state of mind.

Just compare and consider ALL the religious sanctioned 'ways of life' and then go convince yourself each are morally acceptable minus the relevant 'God'. You will be hard pressed not to call some criminal and seriously perverse. This is the context of next generations 'religious education'!

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