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I found myself contemplating recently, the often excruciatingly subordinate position of all emotions in which tragedy and death of loved ones occurs. It answers many of us humans wrestlings with reality when we consider how, in past much less educated times, it would be only natural for the confused and pained minds to search and explain the emptiness in terms of 'life beyond death' -as a kindness to ones own emotional pain. And moreso a perceived kindness to loved ones who seemed all the less able to tolerate their own grief and angst. In effect a placebo of fiction to address the real and present emotional losses and pains of living a reality which 'feels' all the more empty and unequal than previous or than other humans appear to enjoy.

It's the despair of such emotions that tend to wish for alleviation of pain - in whatever way can be concocted for the benefit of oneself but more especially others one may love.

This is what has posited thousands of theories (or religious fictions) upon humanity from previous generations without ever considering the 'mind/emotion pollution' they pose to subsequent generations.

Like a 'human oil slick' they have leached through the centuries to enslave unsuspecting newborn generations to their complex mutating and evolving religio-political environments. The result is likened to the paradox of oil dependency. How can we live without something we would do better to survive without? And how can those who profit from it not tend to attack and oppress those seeking an alternative to that which is so obviously unnecessarily damaging, if it were not for the co-dependency it has established and magnified?

So to see Richard being subdued by a fiction respecting the 'slick' of religiosity which identifies itself as a kindness placebo to placate and assists the raw emotions of bereaved and pained peoples is only to be expected. If it were only for the fact that it were a reactionary despair we could all the more display understanding and acknowledgement, but since we know of its 'other side' and how this creates a deceptive and much greater viral tragedy all of its own, we must insist on resisting what may otherwise seem kindly and sensitive to those of us experiencing injustice and trauma because in the longer term this is all the more necessary for us to do exactly that and display a trueness of love and care for our kind that can help increase kindredship of all peoples of the world in how they process thoughts and feelings in like manner to each other. The antithesis of our multi-religious past and a new dawn, underdeveloped and in its infancy for our feelings and thoughts to collectively embrace, in ways which supply all the answers to our collective and ever growing, ever human, despair.

I see the OP fiction is exactly this - an expected but collective infantile response to the teething troubles of a new era = irreligious education in which humans become free of permitting statements of fact about things which are most obviously a fiction of our emotional despairs.

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