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Impressive... it reminded me of the Hitchens vs Berlinski debate a little... strong arguments with good rhetoric vs a meandering person who believes a lot, but has little at all to back that it up besides raw conviction. I can imagine the caller spent all of his time talking with other people in his congregation about this stuff, and never put himself in the atheist's shoes, about how the Bible would look to someone who hadn't had it since birth, or just how exactly the various magics of Christ worked, or what they implied. I just hope he actually listened... so often religious people just seem to space out when you talk to them, even the 'liberal' ones. The write you off as 'oh, more atheist talk' and don't try to listen or think about things. It really bothers me... how can you not be interested in this stuff, and if you have to blind yourself to keep your faith, is it really worth it?

Fri, 25 Feb 2011 05:36:07 UTC | #595844