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Comment 19 by fullyladenswallow :

The Atheist Experience is a show I've been watching for several years now. This is an example of the show at it's absolute best, when the host gives the believer ample opportunity to state, as Matt D. does here, what the caller believes and why.

Another beautifully handled exchange Atheist Experience show #693 (in 2 parts) came a couple of shows back where Tracie Harris responds to a caller from what sounded like the same congregation as this one. The caller, at the end of the exchange, actually sounds as if he was enlightened a little.

A really excellent program to view.

To my ear, it sounds like exactly the same caller(it's the repeated exhaling that gives him away). I have to say I think he not only has difficulty in understanding their ideas, but also the actual words they are using; he actually said "you use´╗┐ really big words when you talk" in response to Tracie saying "demonstration of a justification of your belief."

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