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You really need to find out WHY and HOW MUCH influence the response to that question weighs on funding. Is there X dollars for "religious activity" such that if 70 pct of the religious (throwing out the 50 pct of non-religious) who are Xtian will get 70 pct of X? If so, the responses are only used to determine "how" they divvy up the X dollars, and non-religious reponses have no financial effect other than pure census stats. And, if that is true, then selecting Jedi would take funding away from the other religions. Perhaps the real effort should be puting Humanist as an option on the census form so that moneys could be allocated for true non-religious organizations. Of course, the real push should be to insure that NO monies be allocated to anyone over the responses to the religion question.

Mon, 28 Feb 2011 10:56:40 UTC | #597133