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There is a problem that many more people watch science fiction with "warp 10 drives", humanoid bipedal aliens, transporters, horizontal floors and quick passages from star to star and planet to planet, than have any idea about the possibilities of feasible projects.

There is the possibility of Moon bases and scientific Mars bases, but these are not the simplistic enclosed Cities of Hollywood SF. There are the serious issues of dealing with low gravity, radiation and other problems. People living in bases would certainly have access to other areas using suits and enclosed vehicles.

At some point in the future the Earth's climate will destabilise as the orbit of our Moon becomes higher, and eventually the inner Solar System will become uninhabitable by humans as our Sun heats up. It is a good idea to have the capability to settle on the moons of the outer planets (as they warm) before then.

An astronauts view can put a new perspective on human nationalist disputes, when considering the view of life from space stations, This might help people focus on avoiding the more stupid methods of self-extermination or return to primordial living.

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