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I think the 'aspirations after death' of previous generations are what has posited fictitious caricatures of this very emotion and scriptwritten it into our history and inheritance as if it were an all embracing celestial persona.

This is the real and present danger of the emotion you share - whenever you permit hypothesis on an emotional basis to become as if it were factual. Given that all humans are prone to speculation, and especially emotional responses, it is not difficult to see how this is too few steps away from the historic dogma and indoctrination we see history littered with - the thousands of gods of oppression, punishment and delusions that many generations lived whole lives following as if it were more substantial than fact, causing fears and desires to usurp rationality and reason. We are reminded of this feature today being more prevalent than at any time in our history. It is a very sobering thought to consider we are doing exactly, but more so, what all the myths of our ancestors have passed down to us!

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