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What a bleak future you project SC. I cannot say it is a false future, but I do hope it is.

I honestly believe that we, as a species, will get into space in large numbers, indeed I believe this is our greatest hope of survival in the future. Initially we will expand into our solar system, colonising the asteroids, the moons of the gas giants and possibly building giant habitats in orbit around Earth and the other planets.

True, getting to other stars is a bit more problematic; I'm not convinced we will ever find some amazing space drive which will might provide easy access to them. There are several possibilities which can give us access to them though. Already mentioned are generation ships, another sci-fi favourite the sleeper ship. But how about, instead of sending people, awake or asleep, why not send data. A ship which can either clone people or build them from the chemical components. Of course this would require that human consciousness could in the future be stored and then pumped into a body. Or personality transfer into an artificial body. Or finding out how to keep people alive for hundreds or thousands of years (and sane over such periods).

I don't know if it will ever happen. I will keep dreaming and hoping.

Sat, 05 Mar 2011 19:39:42 UTC | #599094