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I suspect that space colonies and cities filled with wildly enthusiastic and excited space-farers is an irrational delusion. And even if such places are ever constructed, the novelty would soon wear off and ‘take me home’ will become a deafening crescendo.

The first part of an objective study is dump all the wild sci-fi which has been concocted simply to create entertaining story lines.

Any permanent Moon or Mars base would have agricultural / horticultural food production areas which should be just as pleasant as green areas on Earth. These would be either pressurised surface domes, or lit areas underground. Personally, I don't find walking in greenhouses less pleasant than walking in gardens. As with bases like the ones in Antarctica, people would suit up and go out from time to time to attend to equipment spread around outside. Both the Moon and Mars have rocky minerals and water from which to extract oxygen or make fuel. Nuclear and/or solar power generation would probably be needed: at least initially. Locally manufactured variations on solar power could be developed later.

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