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The loss of a most profound imaginary friend as ones own mind and emotions has been able to intellectually be deceived into attempting the lifelong job of fathoming is indeed the ultimate form of deceptively misleading, passed-on, self delusion. And when one realises how close one has become to being just another link in this multigenerational delusional chain, one can start to forgive oneself the naivety of 'hook line and sinker belief'. Ones own parents and grandparents were often misled into what oneself has fallen foul of. We are unpicking the knots of generations within our own emotions and mind-links to it all - unscrambling the inaccuracies of our culture and heritage and hopes and love of those closest to our lifes best intentions and goodwill.

But the greatest problem lies in how to replace previous religious play-written fictions of ones own existence with a more realistic and still happy, though potentially much less enslaved and horrific, one when all of ones feelings seem still rooted or else wrenched in an imaginary past. Ones identity, now distorted, begins to feel a foolish spending of ones life - and to consider ultimate death lies in wait, as closer reality than the delusion that "Father Christmas awaits upon the chimney stack of ones own deathbed" makes life FEEL all the less MAGICAL and FEARSOME than the FAIRIES and TROLLS of ones fictional hopes and aspirations, compared to the seemingly less exciting limitations of ones own reality.

But here you are - minus all the fears and horror show imaginings of religions perversions - but without its ambitious and almost unreachably concocted ideologies about a potential eutopia.

Reality is soothing - eventually but then comes the bit about only catching the end of the show - like, 'If only I'd known earlier, how different it all would have been. And how my memories and nostalgia would have been all the more worth telling!" - This is what religion does to the human! This is how it ensnares their soul almost beyond the individuals own capabilities of recovery.

My advice - Like a slave out of chains, just keep swimming for the shore! No matter how old you happen to be - you were born to be free! The pain is deep and the time lingers long there, but eventual release is real and the fears will disappear - forever and without reply! Trust in yourself and relax. We're all in this together. You are not alone. We all have the same reality as far as arriving and departing. There is nothing whatsoever to worry about!

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