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Even if prof Dawkins were to avoid direct attacks on Islam , because he is afraid of any attempts on his life, how is this 'cowardice' ?

Please get some perspective and be reasonable. Is putting your life at risk in a reckless way, with little to gain, 'cowardice' ? Of course not. Dawkins' strategy is perfectly rational and reasonable, because:

  1. We first have to win the argument in the West and convince our liberal societies about the dangers of religious idiocy. Only then we can act in concert and be effective in battling Islam.

  2. Dealing with Islam is like talking to barbarians and does not achieve much. However little it achieves, it is not worth one's life.

  3. Would you have the good professor be ' brave' and be killed for attacking Islam , or would you rather have him live to write many other interesting and enlightening books and contribute to our society in ways that do not put his life in danger and that he knows best?

It is all very well to criticize him, when your own life is not threatened.

Sun, 06 Mar 2011 16:11:19 UTC | #599388