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Apparently the advertising company that refused to display the "for god's sake say so" adverts has also refused to display the revised versions of the advert! :O

Although they did say somethign last time about not displaying anything at all to do with religion, but still...

At least the bu sads etc are going to get seen, and if the topic is raised in the media and news as well, then hopefully everyone we're trying to reach will be reached before the census comes round. Then we can hopefully see what happens when everyone has given it some thought, and doesn;t just instinctively go with christian...

here's hoping.

Although I still think a professional poll with questions of the like Richard was quoted as suggesting in the article would give a far bette rindication as to who should really be classed as which religious denomination.

"Do you believe Mohammed rode on a flying horse?" "Do you believe Jesus was the son of God and rose from the dead?" "Do you believe in Hell?


If cleverly devised, the answers should indicate a persons true religious beliefs, even down to the 'pseudo-christians' who sort of believe in a god and sort of believe in a heaven, even if most of the bible's claims are unknown to them...

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