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Readers of Richard Dawkins, contrary to Cohen's claims here, are aware of Dawkins' hostility and vehement criticism of the Islamic religion. He's repeatedly given it the most damning description you could give to it, 'the greatest force for evil in the world today'.

But this touches on a deeper point, a point that critical readers of Nick Cohen might have thought of before. People should be concerned primarily with the issues that only affect them and the issues that they can realistically effect. Christianity still is the most dominant and influential religion in the society that Richard Dawkins lives, and by far most attacks on science and evolution come from the well financed Christian lobbies mentioned in the introduction to The Greatest Show on Earth. There's just very little value in spending time attacking imams and mullahs in the Middle East and congratulating yourself for it, because those imams and their followers are not going to listen to you, largely because they can't listen to you. It's of far more value to spend your time engaging with issues with which you have any hope of influencing. That's what's meant by responsibility.

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