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In the US if you criticize Christianity for influencing someone who killed an abortion doctor, most liberals generally think it it justifiable criticism.

In the US if you criticize Christianity for influencing someone who attacks homosexuality, either verbally or physically, most liberals find that justifiable.

In the US if you criticize legislation, such as defunding Plan Parenthood, that is based on Christian ideology, most liberals find this justifiable.

As a liberal thinker I agree with all the above criticism. I can have an intelligent conversation with almost all liberals about how fucked up it is that Christianity has such a strong foothold in our society. At no time do they say, oh, its just their christian culture and we should respect that, or, your a racist and a bigot for criticizing the christian cultural beliefs. Nor do they say, your ignorant for thinking that 'all christians' think that way.

But then this type of thing happens.

In the US if you criticize Islam for their blasphemy laws, a larger then expected subset of liberals think you are a racist and a bigot.

In the US if you criticize FGM as a barbaric act of female oppression and control, a larger then expected group of liberals think your wrong, and that you shouldn't criticize the Islamic culture. To them, for some reason, the culture overrides what we would consider human rights violations. The counter arguments I've heard range from, "look at what Americans do when we pierce our daughters ears" to "Our interpretation of human rights is different than their interpretation" or "why don't you look at what the christians are doing" or " look at Timothy McVeigh"

In the US if you criticize radical Islam, a larger then expected group of liberals thinks for some reason that you think that 'all Muslims' are guilty of radical Islamic practices and therefore you are a racist and a bigot.

I've actually had debates with liberals you said that Islam "is" a religion of peace. And that since the US attacked them it somehow justifies their actions.

Of course to me their arguments are full of ignorance and logical fallacies. When I try to show them, through the power of the internet, how I came to my conclusions, they refuse to look, stating that they have already saw it all.

It looks to me like they have shielded themselves from the evidence. They made up their mind and decided that they were right no matter what. Its almost like they don't realize we are criticizing Islam the same way they criticize the above christian ideologies that they don't agree with.

When I post a comment about Islam on the Science Blogs site I get hammered the same way I would if I was a creationist or an anti-vaccination proponent. I feel like I entered the fucking 'twilight zone'.

PS its like everyone over there is HughCadwell, or whatever his name was.

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