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A 'phobia' is an irriational fear; ergo there is no such thing as islamophobia because it's hugely injurous to us all, including the severely deluded victims within. We are wise to fear it! Wiser still to do something about that fear; stand up to the thugs of ALL religoons... not just islam.

One strategy, that of challenging every seedling, root, branch and trunk of religoon assertions, seems like the most consistent, honest and honourable approach. It's often expressed in these pages.

In respect of the veiled acusation that Richard is nimble-footed with islam; hogwash! I see no evidence for that other than a misinterpretation of the man's sensibility for individuals; think of the well-loved clip where a middle-aged christian says '...I couldn't live with that...' Richard's discomfort is obvious, but his integrity's robust when he announces his perception that the guy's deluded. Consider Richard's confrontation with the leader of a muslim school in Leicester (UK). Under the chairmanship of Jonathan Dimbleby (well respected and disciplined in that role) Richard returns time-and-again with 'what is the punishment for apostacy?' Relentless to the thug of islam, yet he's quite deferential and polite to the kids in the audience who strive to defend islam. Dawkins goes out of his way to avoid attacking the victim of religoon a second time; remember the girl who says fresh water and sea water can't mix - it's in the koran. He does not belittle the victim; a lesson religoons would be wise to follow.

Correct me if I'm in error, but Richard is deferential to individuals (even those defending thier own delusion) but relentless like gravity when facing the perpetrators who would dupe us all in the name of their paymasters (for without employment by sich institutions, what would they do for a living wage?)

A humourous off-topic reaction to my "...probably no god..." badge today; "I'd rather have god than an alien." I believe appropriate slang is 'wtf?'

Stay happy everyone!

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