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Given that my girlfriend and many of my friends attended catholic schools their entire lives, you'd be surprised what little affect it has on their religiosity. Almost all of them are basically deists or outright atheists. I live directly across the street from a catholic school here in Medicine Hat, Alberta (in the southeast of the province), and hearing conversations amongst the students daily, I don't think many of them take it all that seriously. However, we are not a small town, and many have friends that are in the public system, so it's easier to ignore the nonsense, I suppose. Personally, I think the entire seperate system should be abolished, but I don't see that happening; there are far too many catholics in this province that would raise hell if it were attempted. I just take heart in knowing that it doesn't seem to take hold very well.
We are winning.

Sun, 06 Mar 2011 21:22:42 UTC | #599487