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Comment 28 by Mrkimbo :

We all agree that the snide aside about Dawkins is not justified. However the rest of the article seems dead on the money. Pleas, people stop taking such umbrage on Dawkins' behalf - he's more than capable of defending himself - and reply to the main thrust of the article. JuJu's remarks are true to my own experiences here in Australia. The feeling among so many on the left seems to be that since most Muslims have brown skins and we're all crippled with post Imperial guilt, Islam cannot be touched - Cohen answers this brilliantly.

I don't think we have too much to add to it, it seems like a good post overall with little that needs to be expanded on or warrants further discussion here. However, this is an article in a national newspaper and it should get the facts right. What's the comments section for if not for discussing corrections? That we've only got one thing to correct is actually quite the compliment to Mr Cohen.

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