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Not all cultures are equally valid..inviting a culture of suppression and fear into a culture of equality and freedom can never be of benefit.I don't have a single shred of respect for islam or any other religion for that matter, and if I air that view publicly in todays' society I'm considered a racist,bigot etc etc blah!. It's just a simple case of numbers, once Europe has a sufficient number of muslims, laws will be changed, liberty will suffer, islam and true democracy are completely incompatible. The last thing we need though is political parties like the BNP EDL etc to hold any form of say, what I think we need is people like Hitchens, Dawkins,Fry and Harris in politics, a voice of reason and intelligence....Peace out. P.S.I don't understand this 'cult' of Churchill, if you read a couple of books about him, apart from a few well placed speeches he was a bit of a twerp. I believe he toyed with the idea of attacking Russia at the end of WWII..Britain,France and Germany lost WWII. Anyway I digress...

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